Let’s Write a Short Story!

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I’ve wanted to write a short story for a while, but wanting and writing are not the same. With Joe’s help, I just might do it.
Jeff Goins, author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

Amazon Reviewers say…

As both a writer and an avid reader of writing-craft books, I know firsthand how rare it is to run across a book that manages to be simultaneously rah-rah inspirational and roll-your-sleeves-to-your-elbows functional. Joe Bunting’s Let’s Write a Short Story is both.
—K.M. Weiland (94 reviewers made a similar statement)

The format of the book is not only easy to read, but makes for a great reference book.
—Sarah Freeman  (47 reviewers made a similar statement)

If you feel overwhelmed and stuck in your writing, I think following Joe’s advice here will be a much needed shot in the arm for you.
—Brandon L. Clements  (20 reviewers made a similar statement)

Let’s Write a Short Story! will help take your dreams of a writing career and turn them into practical steps toward achieving those dreams. If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in print, this book will help you.

We will talk about:

  • Why all the great writers started with short stories, and why you should, too.
  • How to build a fiction platform with short stories rather than just another blog.
  • How short stories are structured differently than novels.
  • How to publish your short stories in literary magazines

And much more.

Let's Write a Short Story!

In the end, it will help you build a career in writing, not just another fantasy. It’s about taking your writing and your career seriously so you can create the art you’ve always dreamed about.

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