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“I’ve wanted to write a short story for a while, but wanting and writing are not the same. With Joe’s help, I just might do it.”
Jeff Goins, author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

“Bunting proves the art of the short story is not only far from dead, but can also breathe life into the career of the writer.”
Max Dubinsky, author of We Can’t Go Home Again

“This book is an excellent primer for those wondering where to start developing their writing talent, and I love the links and resources offered, to include where to submit that finely tuned story once completed.”
C. Hope Clark, fundsforwriters.com and author of Lowcountry Bribe

“Joe Bunting presents a well-organized, thoughtful guide filled with tips that all writers will find useful. Both inexperienced and seasoned writers will find “Let’s Write a Short Story!” a valuable resource for crafting a story from start to finish.”
Elizabeth Craig, bestselling author

“Let’s Write a Short Story is the red pill. From it’s opening confession of fiction’s harsh realities to tactics for getting published, Joe’s book is both a manifesto and manual for cultivating a solid body of work. It’s become the first resource I recommend to aspiring fiction writers.”
—Keith Jennings, Georgia author & artist

“Makes me want to start a new story right now!”
C. S. Lakin, novelist, blogger, and writing coach

“Joe has the incredible gift to lead you to new confidence through his clear teaching and practical prompts. As a storyteller, I will keep this resource at the ready.”
Darrell Vesterfelt

“Packed full of takeaway knowledge and personal experience, this book is rousing & required reading for anyone who wants to write stories.”
Nicky Cahill, storyteller, broadcaster, and writer

“Bunting’s book is a call to action. Be the hero of your own writing life, or go home!”
PJ Reece, author and screenwriter

“This book focuses not just on how to craft a great short story, but how to position the writer to actually get published. I have worked with hundreds of writers, and appreciate how Let’s Write A Short Story provides not just a strategy, but straightforward and easy to follow tactics.”
Dan Blank, Platform Coach


Honesty time: I’d really given up on the idea that I could write short stories. I was a novelist, and that was that. Or so I thought until I read this book.” —Ruthanne Reid

“By the time I finished the introduction, I was ready to write a short story.  He had an incredible call to action which drew me further into his book. His quick edit tips were so helpful, I’ve already started putting them to use in my every day writing” —Rhonda Kline, The Write Spark

“One of the most appealing aspects of Let’s Write A Short Story is its personal touch.”—Kate Krake, The Write Turn

“Let’s Write a Short Story! by Joe Bunting is one of those books I should have had in college. But it’s not too late for that because I have this book and it’s a must in every writer’s bookshelf.”—Mylene Orillo

“Joe Bunting’s Let’s Write a Short Story is the book I wish I’d had in the early 2000s when I first committed to a writing life.”—Beverly Williams, Open Road Writing

“I felt energized and elated like I hadn’t felt since first I learned about sex.” Elaine Cougler, On Becoming a Wordsmith

“a great and concise guide for understanding what a short story is, how to craft one, and how to fight writer’s block.” Sidney Williams

“packed full of useful information to get beginning writers on the fast track to short story publication.” R.E Hunter

“Joe Bunting creates an interactive atmosphere between himself and his reader.” Diana Shofler

“Let me tell you, I am pumped.”—Chihuahua Zero

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never written a short story.  This book has given me new insight on short stories, so much so that I am declaring to the world that I will write and submit at least one short story by the end of September.” Denise Dilley

“I am ready to take up author Joe Bunting’s challenge to write a short story in the next month.” —Mary Lofthus, Wide Margins

“I’ve been re-reading this book for four days now.” Kristyn Phillips

“If you’re too shy to write about yourself, then write a ficition story! Joe Bunting’s new book LET’S WRITE A SHORT STORY… will inspire and guide you down that path.” —Audrey Chin

“It’s okay to write a novella or short story, and not a novel.” —Marla Rose Brady

“It’s simply genius.” Boocoos Blogthingy

“I loved the easy to read style of this book, along with the tools shared on how to launch a career, become a better writer and small, practical steps towards publications.” Kim

Let’s Write a Short Story! is a brilliant & bold book.  Joe Bunting’s writing empowers the reader, leaving them with the feeling – ‘I can write this story.’ And, more importantly, ‘I will write this story!'”—Nicky Cahill, Salt & Sparkle

“Why write short stories? Short stories give writing practice.  Short stories provide success or failure and payment faster.” —Laura McCoy, Eat Well Be Well

“Not only are short stories marketable, they are also valuable for the improvement of your writing skills and the building of a platform or following for a writer.”—Kathleen Krueger, Living Listening Loving

“It is the most practical resource for short fiction that I’ve ever seen.” Jason Hague

“Let’s Write A Short Story, will inspire you to put fear aside and act on your passion to write.” Melody Austin

“Approachable, clear, concise, practical and motivational.” Tandberg Books

“Inspiration to incarnation.  Isn’t that what we all want from a book like this?” Caris Adel 

“In a way, I hope this book does not catch on. I don’t want the competition.” A Simple Writer

“The book will guide you through the process of researching publications, writing your story, editing, and submitting your work to literary magazines.” Sonia Writes

“If you ever wanted to write good short stories that’ll get read, or want to use the short story platform to jump start your writing career, I can’t think of a better book than Let’s Write a Short Story! You’ll refer to it again and again.” 1000 Words a Day

“It’s equal parts strategic and practical tips (Joe shares secrets about how to improve your chances of making the first cut and how to pick the right publications for your story).”  River of Thoughts